Barb's Solutions for Sewage with Engineer Bob Brotherton

Barb sought out Sewage/Stormwater expert Robert Brotherton for answers to the sewage crisis in which we find ourselves  in Pinellas County.  

Mr. Brotherton spent three months contacting other municipalities around the eastern United States and around Florida.  There are answers we can begin to initiate right away with Penny for Pinellas money, but it will be a battle to get the County Commission to take action.  

If elected Barb will take this issue to the forefront along with these solutions.

Barb's Solutions for Power with Engineer Bob Brotherton

Here Barb and Bob discuss solutions he has found from around the country and state for the power outages that continue to plague our county.  After Hurricane Irma many residents were without power for a week or more.  Power to critical pump stations at sewage plants was knocked out compounding the sewage crisis.  Again, Penny for Pinellas can pay for the new improvements in this video, but it will be a battle to get the county commission to do the right thing.  Send Barb in to fight.