Welcome and Thank You for Your Interest in Barb's Exciting Campaign widely supported by Taxpayers!


          "If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government,
then you  are doomed to live under the rule of fools."
– Plato


First Time candidate and lifetime business woman


Founder and Leader of victorious "No Tax for Tracks" campaign which saved Pinellas taxpayers an estimated  $2 billion

Leader of the largest grassroots taxpayer-focused group in Pinellas County with nearly 1000 members

Proven advocate for Pinellas County taxpayers 

Successful local business owner for 28 years

Saluted as top "Good Guy for 2014" by FloridaWatchdog.org


End the Ongoing Sewage Spills that Plague our County,  Threaten our Quality of Life and Coastal Environment, Our Property Values and Tourism!

Nothing is more important than updating our failing sewage systems.  

Other Communities around the country are using new ideas for sewage!

Penny for Pinellas would  pay for these qualified new systems, but these ideas are not on the the drawing board of Pinellas County.  Stop using Penny for Pinellas as a Slush Fund for Pet Projects.


Pinellas was ranked #1 in the state of Florida for Sewage spills in 2016.

Lets stop using Penny for Pinellas for projects like sports stadiums and wisely fix our sewage crisis!


Lead Efforts for badly needed Hurricane Hardening of the Power Grid 


Burying more power lines county wide to avoid week long power losses as we endured last summer is obvious, yet no no plans exist at the county . 

 Besides our misery, these power outages lead to loss of pumping at sewage stations just when they are needed most , compounding overloaded systems during heavy rain.  

New high voltage power line undergrounding projects would qualify for Penny for Pinellas spending.   We must demand these projects be scheduled. ______________________________________________________________________________

Reduce Traffic Congestion with modern road and bridge projects designed to move vehicular traffic efficiently.

 Demand these vital projects complete on time and budget, not lingering on for months and years under construction.



Establish Term Limits for County Commissioners that  Pinellas voters passed in 1996 by 73% , but has never been put into effect .


Seek to end the "commitment to  progressive public policy"  as currently stated in Pinellas County mission statement and approved by current Commissioners and replace with "Good Public Policy" instead. 

See Pinellas Mission Statement:    



Blow the Whistle on wasteful spending, pet projects, and inappropriate use of your hard earned tax dollars!


              Support and defend the US Constitution and your rights!



20 years is long enough to wait.  In 1996 we passed term limits in Pinellas.

Do you remember?  

It was called Eight is Enough and passed by 73%!

The outcome was challenged by an elected official and tied up legally for years.  

Now the time is ripe to get the question on the countywide ballot again.

Barb will not relent in her pursuit of getting term limits on the ballot again.

There is no reason this mandate by the voters should linger any longer.  

Watch this video from September 2015 where Barb asks the Pinellas Charter Review Committee to do the right thing and put the referendum back on the ballot again:  


                             "Here is a person of integrity. She created and ran the "No Tax For Tracks"  movement. She worked for years to save Pinellas County from a proposed Light  Rail that would have increased congestion and taxes in Pinellas. She didn't get  paid to do it, she did it because it was the right thing to do. There is no-one  better qualified to keep an eye on County spending and represent us, the  taxpayers of Pinellas!"  Jim Lampe

Do you want to be a part of these changes? If so, please help.


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Barbara Haselden Campaign

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Questions: 727-709-7039

"We are all in for Barb. She will be a strong voice for all citizens and the taxpayer champion we need. She is an astute businesswoman who operated her own Insurance Agency in Pinellas County for over 25 years.and as leader of the victorious NOTAXFORTRACKS effort which defeated the Greenlight sales tax increase , she has already saved Pinellas County taxpayers tens of millions of dollars every year. VOTE FOR BARB , she will fight for you."

Betsi Burgess

Why I support Barb for Office

A short video of comments from the Kickoff July 6th, 2017

Pastor Sheila Griffin speaks about Barb